Monday, 8 February 2010

The problem with the silent moustache

The first in a series of EXQUISITE CORPSE posters. And only the second job to be completed on the new MODEL 4. (you'll have to wait to see the first job!!) The working title of the series is 'THE PROBLEM WITH THE SILENT MOUSTACHE'. A few 'CORSPES' have already been written and the idea is to print a book to go work with the posters. I hope to have a set of posters and the book ready by the early summer.

The technique was invented by Surrealists and is similar to an old parlour game called consequences in which players write in turn on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for a further contribution. Surrealism principal founder Andre Breton reported that it started in fun, but became playful and eventually enriching. Breton said the diversion started about 1925, but Pierre Reverdy wrote that it started much earlier, at least before 1918.

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