Monday, 31 January 2011

My little darling.

Scarlett with a 16 Line Ampersand. My little darling!

The problem with Liebe & J'Adore

These 2 new cards will be available in the Design Museum Shop from this Saturday 5th February. Get them while you can!

The problem with 'La Langue de Bois'

This print translates as 'The Tongue of Wood' - think of politicians avoiding answering a question, winding down the clock and boring the pants off you - so you forget the question. A typical tactic of all politicians, but in particular think William Hague or Nick Clegg. zzzzzzz...

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Problem with VIEWPOINT

At last I have my copy of VIEWPOINT, issue No. 27 features a little article on this very PRESS. My Type Specimen book is featured & a few clients mentioned. VIEWPOINT: Exploring The Ways We Will Live.

Monday, 17 January 2011

The problem with Old Town's Evening Star

Those lovely people from Old Town invited me to submit a piece of letterpress to go in the latest edition of their News paper, 'The Evening Star'. Old town produce traditional British workwear. Lovely stuff.

The problem with Black Water

This is an imaginary LP cover made up & designed by me for my good friend Ric.

First the imaginary band.
Black Water's debut LP 'Winter Sun' What do they sound like? Well, I think they're heavy minimal metal with all male acapella moments.

Now the font.
The top font is a 20 Line (just over 3 inches) German Blackletter font. Designed in 1939, 'Element' was part of a family of minimal blackletter fonts collectively known as 'Jackboot' fonts. Sounds shocking. It was later banded in 1943 by the Nazi party for looking 'to Jewish'. What a history... Surely the most 'loaded' font I have.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The new FARLEY Press & the first print...

A new press & a new print.
First the FARLEY, a 1940s proofing press with adjustable settings for galley & type, very handy to get the pressure 'just right'. With a bed size of 18" x 26".
Now the print, 'WHATEVER IT IS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR YOU WON'T FIND IT HERE'. A little piece of ironic reverse physiology. Or 'The Truth'.