Thursday, 13 January 2011

The new FARLEY Press & the first print...

A new press & a new print.
First the FARLEY, a 1940s proofing press with adjustable settings for galley & type, very handy to get the pressure 'just right'. With a bed size of 18" x 26".
Now the print, 'WHATEVER IT IS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR YOU WON'T FIND IT HERE'. A little piece of ironic reverse physiology. Or 'The Truth'.


  1. Hi there, we have a farley 25, do you have any info on setting up the rollers to ink evenly? They are both thicker in the middle, maybe that's to give more pressure in the centre. Would be nice to contact someone that's using the same machine..Our blogspot:
    Cheers, Bill Moseley

  2. Hello Bill, can't help you I'm afraid. I'm not familiar with the 25. But, it sounds like you need new rollers? Nice blog by the way and a nice set up.
    Press On.!

  3. I bought this exact type of press a couple of weeks ago and collected it on Sunday. It sure is a beast of a machine - can't wait to start using it.